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Loans vary by state, tell us where you are to learn about your choices.

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Loans vary by state, tell us where you are to learn about your choices.

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What is a Minute Loan Center Installment Loan? 

A Minute Loan Center Installment Loan:

Gives you a longer term to pay your loan

Offers larger loan amounts than other loan types like Payday Loans

Provides fixed payment amounts, so you always know how much you need to pay

Applying for an Installment Loan Fast, Stress-Free and No Risk. It’s As Easy As…


Choose an in-store or online loan (where available)


Fill out a quick application and get approved the same day*


Get funded in minutes** online or in-store (based on regional availability)

* Loans submitted during store hours are generally reviewed within minutes of receipt.
** Minute Money funding can be virtually instant to your debit card. Sometimes a time delay can occur due to your bank. Not all bank debit cards accept Minute Money funding.

What You Need to Apply:

A government issued ID

Active Checking Account/ Debit Card

Don’t have your bank statements handy? No problem, we can verify your proof of income electronically both in-store and online.

A More Personal Loan

Why You Should Consider Minute Loan Center.

A Minute Loan Center Personal loan is an installment loan with a fixed number of payments. Other loans can change the amount of payments and the amount you owe if anything happens that might delay a payment.

How a personal installment or signature loan works.

They are called Installment loans because unlike Payday Loans, they are paid over time (installments), and they are sometimes called Signature Loans because they require no collateral. This means you do not have to risk losing your car like with a Title Loan.

All you need after approval is a signature to get your funds. You, as the borrower, receive your money (called principal) and agree to pay back that money along with interest (Think of it as the cost of borrowing the money) over a selected period of time or in installments. So whether you see it as an Installment Loan or a Signature Loan, these types of personal loans provide more flexibility than PayDay Loans and less risk than Title Loans.

A Minute Loan Center Personal Loan can be used for:

Emergency Cash

Medical bills, car repairs, home repairs, virtually any kind of accident can make life suddenly difficult. An Installment loan could be the answer.

Pay Advance

Can’t make it to the next payday? An Installment Loan is often quick to apply for and gets cash in your hands as soon as the same day.

Debt Consolidation

Bills out of control? Combine them into one payment on an installment loan, where you know the amount and number of payments. With every payment paying down principal.

Avoiding Check Overdraft Fees

An overdraft fee is often one of the most expensive fees from the bank, but not all financial institutions charge the same amount.

Minute Loan Center can help. We are in your neighborhood and offer SPEEDY underwriting and funding as fast as same day!**

**Loan funding requires verification of application information. Depending on ability to verify this information, loan funding may be extended up to two business days.

Want To Build Your Credit History?*

On time payments can improve your credit with us and make you eligible to receive lower interest rates and higher loan amounts should you need them.

What about No Credit Check Loans?

Many lenders promise no credit check loans and they use a variety of non traditional ways to determine your credit with them. This could result in higher fees and less borrowing power from some no credit check lenders. While Minute Loan Center never uses a traditional credit score, we do get data from credit agencies to check various data points that helps us work with people who may think their credit is too challenged to qualify. This data helps us find a way to
provide the best loan we can offer to help our valued customers. This helps us say “Yes 90% of the time. And when your goal is to help people when they need short term funds, this helps us help more people.

Considering a Payday Loan?

Payday Loans provide smaller amounts of money, where the money (principal) and a small fee (Interest) are due on the next payday. Sometimes called Cash Advance Loans, an installment loan could be a better option for you as they do not have to be paid in full at payday. This gives you the flexibility to pay off over time and even create smaller payment sizes based on your loan amount and interest.

*Minute Loan Center does not report your credit history to the major credit bureaus; Transunion, Equifax , or Experian.

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