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Minute Loan Center has been your neighborhood community lender for over 25 years. We have helped hundreds of thousands of hardworking Americans find the funds they need, often when others would not help them. Our personalized Installment Loans start with a quick application process and we offer a variety of funding options online and in-store including virtually instant funding with Minute Money.

Around the corner or on your smartphone, get your life moving again with Minute Loan Center in your corner. 


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We help people from all walks of life to get funded. Perfect credit is not needed. Our installment loan offers a set number of payments up front, so you always know how much you owe and how much to pay.* We think getting a loan should be honest and up front. When you are in our corner, you can count on it.

Earn $$$

We offer some of the best cash rewards for referrals around. We make it easy to invite your friends and co-workers by email, text, even social media. Every referral you make puts dollars in your pocket and gives your friend a discount too!

Save $$$

MLC Coupons gives you access to valuable coupons for thousands of top brands and retailers both online and in-store. Live richer with our couponing tool. Best of all it’s free, and you don’t need to get a loan from us to have access to this amazing tool. Just sign up for a Minute Loan Center VIP membership and savings can be yours.

Get More

First Avenu makes it easy to get the things you dream about with small, easy payments. From specially curated luxury products to travel and vacations, First Avenu helps you live large, with small payments. Your VIP membership gets you exclusive access to First Avenu.**

Be Rewarded

MLC Rewards. Earn badges and points just by doing things you’d do anyways. Redeemable for a variety of cool things, with a constantly expanding pool of prizes!

We believe in treating you like we would want to be treated.

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