Bad Credit OK Loans

Have you been turned down elsewhere because of your low credit score? The Minute Loan Center is here for you. We see past a score to offer loans for people with bad credit.

We Offer Bad Credit Loans

Life is not without a few curveballs. And when you’re down on your luck, facing a financial emergency, it can feel like most people (especially traditional banks or credit unions) don’t have your back. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions shy from offering bad credit loans, but that’s where we come in with our loans for people with bad credit.

Please note that our bad credit loans are not reserved just for applicants with spotty credit history. Even those who have very little or no credit history can qualify for a personal loan. You need not have accrued debt to get a bad credit score; even persons who have not held any credit before or only a little of it have a low credit score.

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Why Apply For A Bad Credit Loan?

Minute Loan Center bad credit loans are a great financial help option because they can soothe your immediate financial needs. We also have extensive experience helping people come out of their bad credit situations by offering useful financial management advice in person at our loan stores or on our Minute Blog. The advice has helped many people make better financial decisions and improve their finances.

We are careful to point out to our customers that there are many loan offers for people with bad credit in the market and without knowledge of how to choose the right ones, a person may find themselves buried deeper in debt. But, at MLC, we have professionals who assess your unique financial situation and advise on the best way forward. Our experts have dealt with different bad credit loan scenarios and helped a host of clients get to a better financial situation. You stand to benefit from our customized financial solutions.

Go ahead and submit your bad credit loan application. Our customer service representative will contact you and connect you with a loan officer. Your loan officer will advise you on the amount you can safely borrow and repay without neglecting your other financial obligations. You will also receive instructions on the steps you can take to improve your financial standing.

Apply for a Minute Loan Center Bad Credit Loan today! It’s quick and easy!

Bad Credit OK Loans FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions relating to our Bad Credit Loans:

Do you look at my FICO Credit Score?

No. As we offer loans for people with bad credit, Minute Loan Center does not use your FICO score to underwrite loans. We look at the whole person, including your employment, bank information, and ability to pay. Some data comes from alternative reporting services to help us determine the best bad credit loan solution for you. Note that these alternative services are only sought as a ‘soft inquiry,’ which will not affect your credit score.

Will applying for bad credit loans affect my FICO score?

No. Applying for a Minute Loan Center bad credit loan cannot affect your FICO score.

How much can I qualify for?

The amount you qualify for depends on the state you live in and various factors such as income, ability to pay, amount borrowed, and employment. We have helped many people with bad credit scores resolve their financial challenges. With our experience offering loans for people with bad credit, we’re 97% likely have something for you. Apply for your bad credit loan today to find out.