Introducing the

Louisiana Installment Loan


Through EMG’s partnership with Minute Loan Center(MLC), we are happy to announce that you now have access to Minute Loan Center’s best-in-class, low-cost installment loan.

Checking how much you qualify for,
will not affect your credit score.

Why should I consider an Installment Loan?

With this installment loan you pay off your loan faster, you may have access to more credit to spend as you see fit, and you have an easy-to-understand fixed payment over a period of time, with payments due on your pay date, all at a great, low price!


An Installment Loan has a set time limit. So, you know exactly how much you have and need to pay.


Installment Loans take into account the specific needs of the borrower and the specific time frame to pay back the loan.


An Installment Loan has fixed payments, as opposed to other products which have minimum payments.


A VIP member can always save money on interest by paying down more than the fixed payment.

An Installment Loan is GREAT for:

  • Allowing larger potential credit limits than other types of short-term loans such as payday loans.
  • Having a longer time to pay down the loan.
  • Allowing every payment to pay down part of the amount borrowed, so you are always paying down your loan with each and every payment.
  • Always knowing how many payments are due, how much you owe, and how much it will cost.

EMG is currently in the process of closing its storefronts in Louisiana, but we are happy to say that we’re transitioning online to Minute Loan Center (our partner and affiliated company outside Louisiana for over 10 years), and will continue to serve our Louisiana customers through its fantastic credit products. A super important step in this transition is that the local customer service specialists you have known for years (that worked in our EMG stores) will continue to service and manage your account!

You can contact one of our friendly customer service specialists at any time for more information or help in this transition.

Come take a look at what some of our other Minute Loan Center customers have said about us:

Our Louisiana Installment Loan is a Better Option






Fixed Term

Fixed Term
– Next payday.

Fixed Term


Fixed Amount
Requires a pay‐off or re‐fi (Requiring underwriting approval) to access more funds.

Fixed Amount
Requires a pay‐off or re‐fi (Requiring underwriting approval) to access more funds.

Fixed Amount
Requires auto title as collateral. Requires payoff to access more credit.


Fixed Payments

Fixed Payments

Fixed Payments

Installment Loan FAQs

How Does an Installment Loan Work?
How much you can borrow and how much it costs are determined by many factors including state regulation, your ability to pay and other underwriting features. For many, an Installment Loan provides a better credit solution than a traditional payday loan. With so many people in need of a responsible short-term loan solution, an Installment Loan can be a better solution than a payday loan.
When is an Installment Loan the Right Choice?
1) You have a short-term need.

2) You know exactly how much you need to borrow.

What Is My Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

Always check your contract, as each contract is personally customized. Interest is always disclosed in the contract. Based on your original underwriting, the APR can vary when you take out separate advances. However, each customer is different and you should check your contract for more details.

Can I Choose a Billing Period?

We strive to make this as convenient as possible for our customers. Customers can choose to schedule automatic payments on their statement due date. The billing cycle will be determined by the Primary Income Pay Cycle, which should match the customer’s pay dates, except for Weekly paid customers being moved to a Bi-Weekly schedule.

The Pay Date Option is designed to make it easier for our VIP Members to manage their budget and fulfill their obligation.

When is My First Billing Period?

The first billing period is based on the VIP Member’s pay date and could range between 5 to 19 days after the first advance draw.

How Can I Receive My Statements?

Our product provides a statement available to our customers on their account page or the customer can elect to receive their statements by mail for an additional fee.

It really is a win, win.

Make it simple and easy!

Go online, click a few buttons to establish your credit limit, see your offers and terms, all without a hard credit check or impact on your credit score.

Build UP your credit with us!

Once you get funds and start making payments, those payments will help build your credit with us and with outside credit agencies.

Installment Loans are the go-to solution for your borrowing needs with low rates and flexible repayment options.

This product extends credit up to $1,000 with flexible repayment options for up to 9 months. It offers low rates and the ability to obtain more frequent advances if needed.


Installment loans are an especially useful resource for those who wish to:
  • Consolidate other loans into one low and easy payment
  • Buy furniture, electronics, or appliances versus renting them
  • Assist with down payments for cars, boats, housing, or other substantial items
  • Assist with unexpected bills


Installment Loan Fee Schedule
as of May 31, 2023
Amount Financed# of PaymentsPayment FrequencyPayment AmountInterest TotalTotal Loan AmountAPR

* Example assumes exact period terms for a 14-day Bi-Weekly pay cycle. The finance charge includes fees charged based on a Tiered Contractual APR which can range between 238% to 519%.

* Examples listed MAY have an OPTIONAL fee assessment for ACH services of $1.00. See associate for details.

* Examples listed MAY have an OPTIONAL fee assessment for Minute Money services of $9.95. See associate for details.

* Minute Loan Center reserves the right as outlined in section 8 of the loan agreement that in the event a payment is late by Five (5) days or more, we MAY assess a 5% fee on the unpaid portion of the payment.

* Minute Loan Center reserves the right in the event a payment is returned for Insufficient Funds, we MAY assess a $25 fee for the returned item.

* Examples are assumed based on exact on-time payments. Finance charges will differ from examples if payments are made before the scheduled due date or after the scheduled due date.

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