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How to Jump Start Your Diet after the Holidays

Jan 6, 2015 | Personal Finance

The holiday season is the one time of year that you get to lounge around, and eat all the unhealthy food you want without being judged. However, if you’ve eaten healthy all of your life, then this doesn’t apply to you. But, just a quick warning…run NOW, because we are going to find you and stuff macaroni and cheese and several dollops of butter down your mouth just for being perfect. 🙂

But I digress. For most people, the holidays are a difficult time to eat healthy. If you fell victim to the delicious holiday treats, don’t worry you can get back on track. Here are some helpful tips to get you healthy once again.

Drink lots of water

Water helps to de-bloat and flush toxins out of the body. If you indulged in sodas and sugar filled drinks over the holiday, it’s time to cut those drinks out of your diet for a while.

Sugar and Salt fast

After all the salt and sugar filled meals you’ve noshed on during the holidays, your craving should be gone by now. So going on a sugar and salt fast shouldn’t be hard?! I’m just kidding. If you’re used to eating certain foods, it will not be easy to give it up cold turkey. So, minimize your salt and sugar intake.

Once your body gets used to not having as much salt and sugar on a daily basis, it will be easier to cut it out completely.

After some time, your taste palette will be fresh. Sugar and salt will taste so different. It’s possible you might not like it anymore.

We aren’t recommending you cut them out, just use them in moderation.

Vegetables and fruits

You should eat 1 cup of fruit and 1 cup of vegetables every day. Sorry, there are no exceptions to the rules. According to fitness trainer, Jim White, you want to go with fresh, then frozen, then canned. That means your first option for fruits and veggies should always be fresh. If you can’t do fresh, go frozen. Your last choice should obviously be canned.


Try cutting out the carbs, especially carbs like pasta. That never ends well. Eating pasta everyday will only clog your arteries and increase your cholesterol levels.


Fifteen to 30 minutes of exercise never hurt anybody right? Even if it’s a midday walk, muster up the strength to do so. Get your body moving and get your cardio up.

If you are simply trying to be healthy, this list is a great start. However, if you have a specific purpose–your food choices may need to be refined. Either way, live long and prosper my friend. 🙂

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